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Trivia Book On Test Cricket


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Five Days in White Flannels: A Trivia Book On Test Cricket (Paperback)

Five Days in White Flannels is a “quizzical” tribute to Test cricket, the holy grail of achievement on the cricket field. It is also a nostalgic journey that venerates the five-day duel between the bat and the ball partaken by men clad in cream clothing on an idyllic cricket ground, and is a far cry from the environs of other forms of cricket that now-a-days deliver instant gratification. This is a comprehensive trivia book that tickles the brain of the reader with numerous fascinating and intriguing factoids of Test cricket. The book takes the reader partly through some narratives, each of which is tagged with a trivial question and then, to add variety, the narratives are interspersed with fair share of regular trivial queries and few cryptic questions. In the pages of this book, you will find out: . The name of the cricketer who was referred to as ‘Test cricket’s village batsman’ . What a ‘Platinum Duck’ is . The name of the cricketer inflicted by Klippel-Feil syndrome . What a ‘Water-drip’ effect in cricket is . About the replica of the cricket ground that billionaire Paul Getty built on his estate . About the association of Richard Nixon, Robert McNamara & Alexei Kosygin with cricket.